Explore Slovakia's beautiful natural reserves and get to know local Jewish history. Hike in plateaus and valleys, breathe the fresh air in mountains or walk down to the deepest Slovak gorge. Visit towns and villages with rich Jewish heritage and explore the abandoned Jewish synagogues and cemeteries.


Travel Packages


Bratislava Forest Park

All year | Half day | Starting at 15€

Enjoy a hike in the forested hills of Little Carpathians, just at the outskirts of Bratislava. Walk along the river and the site's ponds all the way up to the Kamzik TV Tower. From here you can enjoy great views over the city.

Little Carpathians Wine Tour

All year | Half day | Starting at 75€

Taste wines in the former royal towns under the Little Carpathians mount range. A variety of white Muscatel and blue Frankovka form the unique bouquet of this wine region.


Guided Bike Tour

All year | Half day | starting at 35€

Enjoy a bike ride through the vineyards with the Little Carpathians behind your back. Quiet and peaceful trail will take you to fields, villages, organic farm and to the river bank of Little Danube. All of this at the outskirts of Bratislava.

Špania dolina

All year | Half day | Starting at 85€

Visit the most beautiful village in Slovakia that is located in a valley surrounded by hills and nature. It is lovely in all seasons. We will also visit a nearby city Banská Bystrica and a wooden church from 18th century in Hronsek.

Spissky hrad.jpg

Prosiecka and Kvačianska Valleys

Seasonal | Full day | Starting at 55€

Just imagine exploring a canyon valley, pastures, spring, rock groups, waterfalls, caves, dolomites and limestone between massifs and rocky protrusion. You will see this and more in just one day on the most beautiful trail in the region Liptov.

The Spiš Castle

Seasonal | Full day | Starting at 65€

Start the day by learning about the Jewish community in the town of Spišské Podhradie. Walk up to the stunning Spiš Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the largest castle sites in Central Europe. Enjoy a quiet hiking trail to lesser-known ruins of Dreveník.

Zadielska tiesnava.png

Zádielska Gorge

Seasonal | Full day | Starting at 60€

Hike in the deepest gorge in Slovakia located in the Slovak Karst National Park. Admire high rock cliffs, caves, brooks and rich mountain flora. Climb up the hill above the plateau to one of the oldest prehistoric castles in Europe.

The Volovské Hills

Seasonal | Full day | starting at 60€

Beech, White Fir, Oak, Spruce, Pine, Deciduous Larch, Small-leaved Lime, Avian, Sycamore Maple and Scotch Elm. All these are names of trees that you will explore in the primeval forest of the Volovské Hills.


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